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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me/ opportunity’s to make a difference, overcome challenges, encourage others, and excited about life’s opportunities.

Its interesting to me that what “I want” often times seems to be elusive, out of reach beyond my grasp. What “I” don’t want seems to show up everywhere, easily available, promoted, and a part of everything. This same scenario, … Continue reading

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God Loves You and Knows of Your Need

A conversation An acknowledgement Of a hurt long ago Yesterday or a lifetime I wish it wasn’t so Bumps and bruises That fall or stumble Experienced and shared Regardless of what was has now almost crumbled Old wounds Broken dreams … Continue reading

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Be Lead by The Spirit Not Pushed by The Flesh

I continue to have a sense that writing and speaking are a part of my future, and yet I have no proof other than what my spirit prompts in me. Sounds mystical, silly or just not sound thinking yet my … Continue reading

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