Devine Appointments Miraculous Interventions

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I was talking with a friend of mine one evening by phone and suddenly the words I was saying became jumbled and made no sense. I could think the words in my mind, what came out of my mouth were if the letters had been shuffled and made no sense. My friend said ‘Dwight if you kidding around stop it you are scaring me”. I was afraid myself, I finally was able to slowly say “something’s wrong”. I would attempt to say something and it would come out as if misspelled. I would go from saying nothing to slowly attempting to say simple words or sentences. Somewhat like the effects of autism.

Amazingly after approximately 20 minutes of uncertainty, awkward attempts at saying simple words or sentences, it went away. I finally said a real sentence “I think I am ok”.
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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me/ opportunity’s to make a difference, overcome challenges, encourage others, and excited about life’s opportunities.

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Its interesting to me that what “I want” often times seems to be elusive, out of reach beyond my grasp. What “I” don’t want seems to show up everywhere, easily available, promoted, and a part of everything. This same scenario, thought process or something similar shows up often, doing something or being somewhere I don’t want to be.

I am currently in the Northeast on business and its 19 deg. That alone is reason to pause and consider “what in the world am I doing hear” LOL. I am away from home, family, comfortable things and in addition not feeling well. I often times  find that I allow my “self” to become agitated frustrated, wanting something more or sometimes wanting something less. A seemingly never ending cycle of wants, or needs driven by what I allow my mind to think about most.
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Peewee Football, an Unexpected Training Camp for Life lessons and Gods Love.

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The Right Tuff”

I played quarterback on the 6th grade football team at Bullock Elementary School. Mr. Shearer was our coach, I have not forgotten his wisdom and leadership. There were 2 teams in my 6th grade class, the A team and the B team. There were so many of us that wanted to play, and apparently that was the case at other elementary schools as well, we even had our own league. The A team had the bigger faster 6th graders. My B team buddies and I were the ones who were not as fast or as big or supposedly as tuff. I my self however was fast and tuff “thank you very much” just not as big and tall as my best friend Mark Mayfield who quarterbacked on the A team.

We practiced on the same field as the A team and sometimes scrimmaged against them. On occasion one of us would be out matched and over powered by one of the A team guys and some level of pain or humiliation would have to be endured. Coach Shearer would always somehow end up at your side or looking over you as you lay on the ground from such an event and would loudly and vigorously say “tuff-it-out, tuff-it-out you’re ok, catch your breath, get back in the game”. Toughing it out or toughing up were the ways Coach Shearer recommended to overcome and endure challenges and pain on the playing field. I haven’t thought about that for along time.
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The Lives You Touch Not The Things You Acquire

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Wishing to encourage her young son’s progress on the piano, a mother took her boy to a Paderewski concert. After they were seated, the mother spotted and old friend in the audience, and walked down the aisle to great her. Seizing the opportunity to explore the wonders of the concert hall, the little boy rose and eventually explored his way through a door marked “no admittance “.

When the house lights dimmed and the concert was about to begin, the mother returned to her seat and discovered that the child was missing.
Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights focused on the impressive Steinway on stage. In horror, the mother saw her little boy was sitting at the keyboard, innocently picking out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
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We threw away our own morals and ethics and called it a way of life.

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I have had this article tucked away since the day it was posted in the Houston paper 01/21/1991. It encouraged me and opened my eyes. A resolve  for a greater determination and commitment to a life in Christ and not self. It reminds and challenges me even today. I have never met Ms, Edwards but thank you for your clarity,courage and determination to say what was so then and even more so now.

Article from the Houston Chronicle 1/21/1991

We threw away our ethics and morals in the 80s

We have just finished a decade that is being called “the decade of greed”. It was also the decade when Americans exchanged self-respect for vulgarity, and self promotion. Too many people wanted their 15 minutes of fame, and to achieve it they threw away morals, ethics, and honesty.
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A Life In Christ: Living Above Your Circumstance

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“Determine to live above your personal circumstance”.

A friend of mine mentioned this to me during a phone conversation several days ago. He had just spent the morning with one of the top producers in his company, discussing his approach to life and work. It included setting personal goals, realizing ones purpose, and looking beyond the now and seeing whats possible. He came away empowered, excited about his life and the opportunity’s it holds. I have heard or read this expression several times in my life from pastors, motivational speakers, or sales managers. I have found it to be a necessity in my life

Most often it has been realized or experienced through challenge, difficulty or tragedy in life. Typically, a call to action, to focus time and resources on what’s important. A greater vision of ones purpose, in spite of what ones day, to day circumstances in life may be. I am always amazed that the challenge’s and difficulty’s in life often hold tremendous rewards.
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A focus on Him, commitment, purpose, and a meaningful direction

I realized sometime at the beginning of Junior High School that to be successful (as defined by myself a 14 year old boy at the time) there were certain things required for success. I was determined I would be, do, or have those things. It seemed that with those characteristics people would like you, want, you or forgive you. I noticed that people including myself made allowances for indiscretions, made a fuss over even the simplest of accomplishments, and would do almost anything to be a part of this elite group. These are the things I decided I must have, “To be tall, have great hair, and incredibly handsome”.  It is my personal observation I failed to accomplish even one of those critically important goals for success LOL.

 As I now have a better view of the past (some 40 years later) it seems a bit humorous and sad all at the same time, to realize how much time and effort was put into a desire with so little return on investment. I would like to say that my adult life has been filled with avoiding some of those same choices, but anyone knows that’s not so. I now understand that it is sometimes necessary to struggle through what I want, only to realize what I wanted so much, was of no value. 

As human beings we some how choose to listen to those ongoing appeals or messages that all we need to be_______ is ________. Just like what seemed to matter at 14 has not served me well at 54.  When the focus is on self, it is a never ending search for fulfillment, completion, or satisfaction. Living requires a destination, somewhere to be, something to do, something to accomplish outside of self. A place a cause or goal, something to be a part of.  A focus, or commitment, a purpose, and a meaningful direction. 
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Sometimes I Forget ( a prayer of forgiveness, willingness and faith)

some body thCAGPAQUX

Can you be what you really want to be?

That person in your minds eye
That is happy
In need of nothing
And at piece with life

If only I could contribute in a meaningful way
To really be who it is
That I am

That person of great vision and unlimited resources
Whose very presence
Adds depth and power
To anyone and anything he is a part of
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“Work is about Service not about Self”

My first grade class at Bullock Elementary School was an unlikely but effective introduction to work, service, and self. I was unsure of what to expect or what was expected. There were things I did not know. As my first day progressed I realized a very important thing was missing. I did not know how to do those things the teacher said we would be learning. I was told “we will teach you”. 

My first real job was a summer job at Kraft Foods in Garland Texas where my Grandfather worked for 33 years in the maintenance department as a “painter”. His work ethic and reputation for hard work gave him status beyond his title. There were things I did not know, things I was unsure about in regards to the work or what was or would be required. My Grandfathers advice was “you work hard, do what you are asked to do in-spite of what everyone else does”. “Be observant and follow the instruction you are given”. By following those simple instructions, by the end of the summer I was given the opportunity to work in “preferred” higher paying jobs along side senior employees with greater experience than myself. It was clear to me that having a good attitude, working hard, doing the things I was asked to do, provided opportunities, even though I had less experience.          

 My first sales job came with a quota, a very large territory, and a national product to match. Again I was unsure; there were things I did not know, my sales managers advice was “if you are coachable and teachable you will do well”. By following that advice I enjoyed a successful sales career that lasted 23 years and allowed me access to numerous and diverse industries, high level decision makers, as well as a great income.
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And We Are Changed Encounters With A Transforming God

In Priscilla Shirers book (one of my absolute favorites) “And We Are Changed Encounters with a Transforming God” ( Moody Publishers 2003) she asks the reader to remember when God performs a “Lazarus miracle in our lives ( page 48-50 Encountering Jesus) we should be changed and drastically different”. She asks the reader to remember when;


Resurrected my hope -2006

Resurrected my marriage -2/18/09

Resurrected my finances -09/ 2006

Resurrected my children’s spiritual life -2008

Resurrected my career -01/2006

Resurrected my health -03/2002

Resurrected my heart for him -2002

I wrote in my copy the dates when those important needs became answered prayers. Encounters with our Heavenly Father are often dramatic life changing events. Yet more time than not a result of an unexpected opportunity to minister, to serve ,to stand in for someone in need. I am always amazed at those divine appointments that show up unannounced, yet with an impact as I travel on business. It often happens when my self is tired, or struggling with my own challenges.
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