“it makes everything you worry about so pathetic”.

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I don’t often comment online (Facebook) yet at about the 7-minute-40-second mark is where like the young lady in the video, I realized that in the bigger picture what I often let trouble, discourage, or allow myself to be troubled by is so trivial and pathetic (you can hear her words as she realizes this for herself).

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I believe and have experienced for myself that we all have that innate prompting in our spirit. That moment when we become a witness to our creator’s perfect design and purpose for each of us. There is no way to know all of the events of this young man’s life. Yet somehow we connect, understand and applaud his ability to overcome. His commitment, determination and selfless resolve.

It reflects back on ourselves and helps us to realize like the young lady judging the competition said, where we may have fallen short in allowing ourselves to be troubled by the things in our lives that comparatively speaking, are trivial. What truly brought tears to my eyes, was the word she used and the tears in her own eyes when she said “it makes everything you worry about so pathetic”.

I get it that at that moment she like me realized, that even in the brokenness and imperfection of this young man’s body lives a wholeness, a perfection demonstrated beyond the physical. I admit that at that moment I became ashamed for allowing myself to be disturbed, stopped, frustrated, or complain about the trivial things. When I heard her say the words pathetic, and the tears of her shame and brokenness I too realized it’s time to change.

His display of appreciation, humility, commitment, determination, and resolve are the tools of a sturdy and strong warrior. Not the self- centered, and self-aggrandizement often associated with those of us who have thought we were strong in our own wholeness, or perfection. Only to discover that it is all just a mirage, a facade easily destroyed or broken by the trivial things in life. The things that we often use to hid behind so others will not readily see our own imperfections, hurts or wounds.

It’s time to stand as a servant of The Most High God in unashamed honor of our creator. To set aside the trivial, the useless and pathetic ways in which we may have fallen into. Those behaviors learned over time by a lack of self-discipline or from a deterioration of a culture based on self and not the creator. To be led by His Spirit and not pushed by our own self-interest.

It stings like a small paper cut, not fatal but it gets your attention. To realize for myself that even though I am a believer in Jesus Christ I have not always displayed that belief in my “everyday” way of living. It is often easy to be faithful in the big things. I realize it is the small things, the moment by moment commitment to serve Him and others that is so desperately needed individually and as a community. It is time to stand up, speak out, to encourage each other, and be about His work and purpose for each of us.

I ask myself why am I allowing my mind and often times my actions to stop short of doing or saying what my Heavenly Father has given me to do. My answer is because I am afraid. Afraid that once I step forward something bad will happen or it may require me to be different than I always have been. Maybe others will no longer like me, or respect me, or enjoy my company. Maybe I will lose what I have or what I want will never come about.

“it makes everything you worry about so pathetic”.

Lord help me to grow up without hast mentally, and spiritually to serve others and not myself. To be appreciative, thankful and respectful of the tools God has entrusted me with to be used in His service to serve and encourage others. To boldly step forward in faith, to let my voice be His Words, my actions be His Calling. That in surrendering all to His purpose that even in the brokenness and imperfection of my-self a wholeness, beyond the physical will be shaped. That His will lived through me will reflect an appreciation, humility, commitment, determination, and resolve to serve Him. The tools of a sturdy and strong warrior of The Most High God. In Jesus Name Amen.


May God bless your life as you pursue Him.
May Gods love and kindness direct you as we are renewed and strengthened
as he does a new thing in our lives, the journey to our new life is on foot,
led by the Spirit and Gods Word, to serve Him, and others.

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