“Completely Destroyed But Still Intact” An Unexpected Lesson At The AT&T Store

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I was in a hurry one morning, no surprise there, and as I was getting into my car I saw a package in the back seat I had forgotten from the day before. I set my cell phone I had in my hand on top of the car and took the package inside. I got back in the car and backed out of the garage and went on my way. As I drove through the neighborhood and turned left onto the main street, I heard it.

It slide from the top onto the trunk with a loud bang. I watched in my rear view mirror as my cell phone landed on the pavement behind me, I slowed to a stop.

The traffic behind me was at least 100 yards away so I waved my hand frantically hoping the traffic behind me would change lanes and avoid hitting it. I saw the pieces of plastic fly as a car changed lanes while running over the phone at the same time, at what looked like from a distance, dead center.

I made a u turn to pick up the pieces, and just as I suspected it was completely destroyed, shattered screen, but amazingly still intact. The plastic protective case actually did provided some protection. The price I had paid for what covers the heart of the phone was worth it, the phone was Dysfunctional but intact.


Just take note for now, I see a whole lot of opportunities for an analogy of life in the last few paragraphs that I will save for later.

I drove directly to the AT&T store close to our home and went in to see if I could quickly fix my problem. The young man listened to my story, checked my coverage and plan, and then told me the price I would need to pay. You’ve been there, thought insurance covered it all only to realize you didn’t read the entire contract and you would have to pay an additional amount as well as a new contract and longer term. I was already very frustrated and somewhat agitated with my own mistake. Now I have a new problem, and the solution requires more money. Or so I thought.

I told the young man I would come back later that evening with my wife. He said “hang on just a minute, let me give you a loner phone you can use.” He took out the sim card the heart of the phone and put it in the loner. When I left the store, I thought about it and realized he actually solved my immediate problem, and asked for nothing in return, “service above self”. I needed a way to resolve my problem after suffering the consequences of my own mistake. Sound familiar to anyone?

I went back later that evening with Vilma and the young man that had helped me was working with another customer. The young lady behind the counter asked how she could help me. My frustration welled up again inside me. Now I have to start all over again with my story and what I needed. Not only that, she was somewhat hard to understand (turned out she grew up in New York just like Vilma LOL. I made it clear my phone had been “run over” and I needed a new phone. I very curtly said maybe you could look up my account.

Without scolding me for my rudeness she just took action. She reviewed my plan and pointed out I had been paying too much for something I wasn’t using and I did not really need. I told her I had been holding on to that particular plan for several years because I thought it gave me more, and if I changed to another plan it would cost me more. What I discovered is that I could save $30.00 per month, Vilma and I both could upgrade to new phones, just by letting go of what I had been hanging onto that I wasn’t even really using.

As all of this began to make sense to me I realized something. I told the young lady that I just realized in my life about 95% of the time I act like a grown up when things happen or I am told no or it doesn’t work out the way I had planned. When it comes to the other 5% I am like the little boy at the department store that throws himself down on the floor and throws a kicking screaming tantrum when he can’t get what “he” wants.  “Reminder to self” notice these are self- inflicted- behaviors.

Interestingly, the lady that the young man was assisting was about the same age as Vilma and I and apparently had been listening to my confession. She spoke up and said “I know what you mean, I had to leave my husband in the car”. “He doesn’t deal with these kinds of things very well.” Seems to be a shared opportunity for growth in we men LOL! Can I get an amen from the lady’s.

I have been thinking a lot about this seemingly random incident that there are areas of my life where I have been paying for and hanging onto something I was paying too much for and didn’t even need. Things like the past, or the acquisition of more stuff in an attempt to be more, do more, have more, or well, I will let you fill in the blank from hear. Often times I have had to make a U-turn in life and unexpectedly go back to pick up the pieces. I am clear that I do have the ability and determination to stay the course and stay on the path. Yet often times I loose focus and wonder off into the desert chasing something in the distance only to learn it was just a mirage and have to turn around and walk all the way back just to get on the path I should have stayed on. That divinely directed purpose, and calling we all have that is provided  to us by asking for and acknowledging Gods will in our lives. What really hold us together is commitment and determination to what surrounds our heart. Faith in God and family.

Mistakes, challenges, unexpected delays and sometimes just being run over are a part of everyday life for all of us. That protective covering that surrounds our heart that didn’t cost us much but provides protection is our faith in, and surrender to Jesus Christ and His will for our lives.

I hope you will join me in the coming new year in letting go of the past, listening more to those who  are there to encourage and assist us in what can only be described as divine appointments. And like the young lady at the AT&T store, reach out to serve others in time of need or brokenness. No judgment, no harsh words of indignation, just a simple act of contribution and determination to make a difference

Philippians 4:9

Practice what you have learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, and model your way of living on it, and the God of peace, of untroubled, undisturbed well being, will be with you.

May God bless your life as you pursue Him. May Gods love and kindness direct you as we are renewed and strengthened. As he does a new thing in our lives, the journey to our new life is on foot. Led by the Spirit and Gods Word, to serve Him, and others. favicon (32x32) (32x32)




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  1. Rosemary says:

    This is very good Dwight! I love you. Your Mom

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