Where God Wants Me

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I have asked this question so many, many times here recently. I am often in a hurry, at my pace, and in my time, right now. This morning as I was looking back through emails that were sent to me several months ago I saw this. The words “Where God Wants Me”caught my attention and I opened the email and watched the attached short video. Peoples lives miraculously protected, changed and forever impacted. Because Gods timing was not their own. The music, the pictures, the story, powerful.

Encouragement, I needed this, I hope you you will be encouraged and strengthened as well.



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  1. Jim Decker says:

    Wow, Dwight! That IS powerful, and insightful. As a matter of fact, I had a similar experience this afternoon. As I was about to leave work for the day, I meant to destroy I a note which had sensitive information. However, one of my co-workers came to my desk and distracted me as I was on the way out. I remembered the note a few minutes after leaving. At first, I figured that I would just take care of it tomorrow morning, but I could not get over the feeling that I should head back to the office and destroy the note right then. I KNOW it was the Holy Spirit speaking. While I may never know why I had to destroy that note right then, I believe it would have had very negative consequences had I not obeyed. Thanks for sharing.

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