A life lived well in Jesus Christ

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It is amazing to me not just occasionally but ongoing, how God opens doors in miraculous ways. In ways that clearly the credit or actions were not orchestrated by me, but God.

I have had the profound opportunity to meet Mr Ziglar at our home church, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano Texas. He is among numerous men and woman that have and continue to bless and encourage Vilma and I. I was given an opportunity to express my appreciation for Zig Ziglar along with numerous others whose lives he has, and continues to encourage.

I wanted to post this in hopes that it may inspire you to encourage those around you that have helped you along life’s path.

A life lived well in Jesus Christ

To Mr. Zig Ziglar,

My first real job was in Houston Texas in 1979 with The Oil well Division of US Steel. I remember being asked by the warehouse manager, if I would be interested in working in sales. I was a part of a 3 month management training program for new hires and it required working in the warehouse to learn the equipment. I was 22 and had recently moved my family from Dallas to Houston literally over the phone. My comment was not very well thought out “Well, if its, more money I would be interested but I have never worked in sales”. The only thing he said was “The sales manager would like to see you in his office”. I sat down in Mr Potts office and he mentioned several things about my hard work, being personable, etc and asked if I would consider an inside sale position. I new nothing about sales and had never worked in sales at all. I went on to work for more than 25 years as a professional salesman. It’s amazing to me how God opens doors to our future in Him, often times in spite of our unwillingness or how unprepared we may be. I did not know who Zig Ziglar was or even what you did yet your life experiences would impact mine not only then but more importantly those days ahead.

Sales and motivation they just seemed to go together, but what if you don’t know anything about either. Well, get a book! I as I walked through a local book store “See You at the Top” caught my eye. That sounded good I definitely wanted to be “at the top”. As a read through the pages at night I realized what I thought of in regards to sales and motivation was different from what you were describing “you can get everything you want in life by helping enough other people get what they want”. I thought to get what I wanted a sale, a commission, acknowledgment, promotion; success required others to give to me. I learned through your experiences and efforts that “work is about service not about self”.

Years later a Nigerian Engineer I was working with summed up what I initially thought sales were all about. He asked me if I could teach him about sales. He was starting his on small business and wanted to learn how to sell to grow his business. He said “Dwight can you please teach me to sell, you know, to trick them, and confuse them”. I explained to him that what he was describing was tricking and confusing them, not sales. I like my Nigerian friend needed to learn and understand that to serve is the greater path to successes.

I have had numerous experiences over the years to describe how you, your work, your life, have impacted my life but to me the most treasured is recent.

My Wife Vilma and I would often see you from a distance at Preston wood on Sunday mornings. We had been attending since shortly after she and I met. I am not someone who hero worships on any level but actually meeting you was different. A real person, who has walked the path of self discovery, all of it, the good, the bad, the struggles and successes. Your life tells a story of what it means to be human. To be committed to something outside of and beyond self. To have looked inside, realized and found the wonder and awe of Gods love and purpose. It’s in your words your stories your kindness and affection for others. It’s how you teach, and exhort, and encourage. The gesture of walking to the edge of the stage, lowering your voice, to make a point and then kneeling down on one knee. It speaks of careingnes, knowingness, and personal experience. You point out that part in all of us that wants and needs to be recognized and accepted. You have pointed the way through purpose, service and Gods Word. I love your humor, and descriptive stories. Real life stories, events in real world language that describe and ultimately point to Him.

Just recently before a Sunday morning service at Preston wood, I saw you out of the corner of my eye, from a distance of about 20 yards. You walked past numerous other people. I was surprised but could tell you were headed right for us. You stopped directly in front of us shook my hand put your hand on my shoulder and said “I can see like me you over married” LOL. I have heard you say that before but this time it was to me, to us. It was as if you had been waiting for us. There were other wonderful comments you shared that day, thank you so very much. I am and continue to be encouraged and challenged by something you asked me. You asked if I was writing a book. As simple as it may sound it was powerful. Not only was I stunned (Vilma said I literally leaned back on my heals when you said it) I felt tears well up in my eyes. I know you had no way of knowing but writing and public speaking have in the last few years become an unexpected passion. I continue to ask God daily for his direction and purpose in that pursuit. At times unsure if it’s just a hobby or a calling. Just you asking the question and your follow up comments have prompted me in my Spirit to keep moving forward in my efforts. What still amazes me as I look back on that seemingly simple interaction is you had no way of knowing. I am convinced you were following the prompting of the Holy Spirit as is your way. Vilma and I both were blessed, an unexpected divine appointment that encourages us even today. “Kind words spoken honestly give birth to new hope”. Words given to me in prayer several years ago, in a time of need, and brought to life, in you.

Your work, your life, the unexpected personal challenges being lived out in you, before our very eyes speaks of Gods enduring love and care for his children. I am in awe and admire your example in all that you do and will continue to do. I am, and will be forever grateful that I have met you. My commitment is to continue and always be an encourager. I know it is my bent and gift from God in life. Thank you for your example, teaching, and what is truly, a life lived well in Jesus Christ.

With a gratefull heart,

Dwight L. Carter Sr.

May God bless your life as you pursue him! May Gods love and kindness direct you as we are renewed and strengthened as he does a new thing in our lives, the journey to our new life is on foot, led by the Spirit and Gods Word, to serve Him, and others.

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  1. Jim and Yvonne Decker says:

    He is a great man!! One that has a whole lot of power but doesn’t abuse it. I have tried sales at various points of my life but was never successful – sure glad you “just happened” to see that book – LOL

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