A Late Night Prayer

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Oh Lord let my spirit find in The
A place to worship and in your presence be
Let me release those things held back in me
To no longer keep but trust and give to The
That which You promised in my soul to keep
A longing for Your presence my soul does leap
I prayerfully ask that Your Spirit be
Displayed for all and present in me
Guide me direct me to in Your presence be
A vessel of kindness, prayer, and compassion from The
Let my daily bread be from the source we seek
It is you Lord the giver of all that makes us complete
I bow my head on bended knees
Even when I don’t know or see my need
Your faithfulness love and care
With joy I do share
So for others in need
At Your feet may we intercede?
God’s promises are true and beyond compare
Fulfillment, and peace and a heart to share
So great a salvation our sins He did bear
That you and I may in His presence be
All our days through out eternity.

DLC 09/12/11

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One Response to A Late Night Prayer

  1. Jim and Yvonne Decker says:

    Oh MY!!! This has brought tears to my eyes!!! I will have to write this one in my journal and refer to it OFTEN!!!!
    You have a wonderful gift. God bless you for sharing!!!

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