We threw away our own morals and ethics and called it a way of life.

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I have had this article tucked away since the day it was posted in the Houston paper 01/21/1991. It encouraged me and opened my eyes. A resolve  for a greater determination and commitment to a life in Christ and not self. It reminds and challenges me even today. I have never met Ms, Edwards but thank you for your clarity,courage and determination to say what was so then and even more so now.

Article from the Houston Chronicle 1/21/1991

We threw away our ethics and morals in the 80s

We have just finished a decade that is being called “the decade of greed”. It was also the decade when Americans exchanged self-respect for vulgarity, and self promotion. Too many people wanted their 15 minutes of fame, and to achieve it they threw away morals, ethics, and honesty.

We whined, whimpered, flaunted our sins and desecrated so many things for which America has always stood, our flag, our national anthem, the sanctity of marriage vows, and family life. We became obsessed with wealth, sex, and dirty language. We let those who were hell-bent on seeing how much trash they could shove down our throats, do it

We bought it didn’t we? Too few had the guts to speak out, to turn away from all obscene and vulgar displays we saw, heard, and read about. So we joined the crowd and threw away our own morals and ethics and called it a way of life.

Hazel. O Edwards

Houston Texas

Acts 2:38 And Peter answered them,  Repent-change your views and purpose to accept the will of God in your inner selves instead of rejecting it- and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of and release from your sins; and you shall recieve the gift of the Holy Spirit. ( Salah pause and think of that)

May God bless your life as you pursue him! May Gods love and kindness direct you as we are renewed and strengthened as he does a new thing in our lives, the journey to our new life is on foot, led by the Spirit and Gods Word, to serve Him, and others.


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