Granny’s House Family, Love, Acceptance

Where it all began
Family, love, acceptance
Togetherness and faith

I have never
Know different
It was just that way

As a child
A place to run &
Jump & play
With reckless
It was just that way

Dip eggs & meal potatoes
Were the order of the day
A back ride on Granddad
Hey come on lets play

Lets take a nap
Granny would say
Play a little
Sleep a little
It was just that way

As our family grew larger
And louder, older, wiser still
Being at Granny’s
Never lost its appeal

More feet under the table
Great food on our plate
Sundays at Graney’s
We just couldn’t wait

Discussions about faith
Were the order of the day
There were praises and needs
For which we would pray

Through a young boys eyes
These were simple lessons at best
But down the road
Would get him through the test

It’s all about family
And prayer
That will get you through those times
When life is unfair
At Grannies house it’s just that way

Kind words & encouragement
Lots & lots of hugs
I am certain at times
Took grace and love

Those lessons & examples
Demonstrated with such care
I have found over the years
Are without compare

You have my promise
That I will do my best
To share these lessons
And be up to the test

Philippians 4: 4-13
Will be my reminder
At work or at play
That at Granny’s house

It was just that way!

May God’s blessing be with you as you persue Him.


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