Be Lead by The Spirit Not Pushed by The Flesh

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I continue to have a sense that writing and speaking are a part of my future, and yet I have no proof other than what my spirit prompts in me. Sounds mystical, silly or just not sound thinking yet my life experiences tell me just that. The spirit is an entity, separate, yet a part of the physical body. A sensitivity to that spirit seems to be innate, or already a part of the personality and temperate. In some, a learned sensitivity through study, and diligence. The result of a desire to acquire openness, and a willingness to be lead, “by the spirit”.

“Be lead by the spirit not pushed by the flesh”. Reach out speak softly of those things that heal. Kind words spoken honestly give birth to new hope. Words of encouragement “given to me” in prayer, an elegant simplicity yet powerful, that, is the Holy Spirit. I am amazed, and know it is not just my own intellect.

My experience is the Holy Spirit prompts or as some say, moves. It is something “sensed”, I will give you an example. As a young boy I remember being in a Church service where people were praying or there was a particularly “moving” sermon. The room seemed to become larger or filled like an anticipation. There was a reverence, and for me a warmth. It may start with a single person audibly praying. I remember hearing someone begin praying loudly in a passionate yet unknown tongue. Heads bowed and a sense or worship and reverence filled the room. I could sense it almost feel it around me. There was no fear just a sense of reverence. Self was set aside and a sense of togetherness replaced it.

In one particular service I remember everyone had been asked to come to the front of the church to pray as a group. As the pastor began praying he asked if anyone “needed something from the Lord”. Numerous people, most of whom, I had known all of my life, stepped forward and were prayed for. Most with tears streaming down there face. A release of a hurt, or an ongoing burden that just couldn’t resolved by ones self. The pastor asked “if there is anyone else, we will wait just a moment while the spirit is moving.”

I could sense that “prompting” almost like a gentle nudge to step forward. I felt someone behind me (My Mother) and heard her quietly say to me “the spirit is moving if there is something you need now is the time”. It was if I was compelled or nudged to step forward and express to the pastor “my need”. I had been at times overwhelmed with depression for several months, a result of life changing events over the last few months. Most of which, were beyond my control, yet required an intervention, a change, or resolution, out side of my “self”. These challenges were having an extreme impact physically, mentally, and spiritually on me.

I said to the pastor “I have been battling with depression for several months and I need the Lord to heal me”. As I look back on the moment what I said was a simple yet concise acknowledgment of what was so. The Pastor laid his hands on my shoulders and began to pray ‘in the Spirit”. My spirit was moved to join in, in prayer, in the spirit. A sense of surrender, a release, like dropping a heavy weight, that had been carried to the point of exhaustion. It was only a few short minutes yet a sense of relief and completion were present. I did not want to move, just be still and be in the presence of the Holy Spirit with nothing added or needed.

David was “just” a shepard boy and yet God used him greatly. The bible says he was a “man after Gods own heart”. David became king of Israel and yet made mistakes that cost him dearly. We are all human, with all the challenges that come with that. My mistakes have been many. I have had numerous challenges where someone, something or even myself has caused great pain or insurmountable challenges in my life. Forgiveness of self, others, and our sins is a part of a greater closeness to our Heavenly Father.

There is a peace that comes with surrendering self to Gods will and not our own that is miraculous. Even when things do not look any different at the moment, there is a knowingness in your heart. Sometimes the challenges in our life are Gods way of bringing us closer to him. We sometimes have to fall flat on our face with no where to go or turn within ourselves. At that point our heart becomes willing to surrender self to God, the Holy Spirit, and his perfect plan for our lives.

1 Peter 5:7 says casting the whole of your care-all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all- on Him; for He cares for you affectionately and cares about “you” watchfully.

May God bless your life as you pursue him!

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