A Symbol of My Rebellion and Self Will

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Several years ago during a very difficult time in my life I had an interesting dream. One that even today moves my spirit and touches my heart. I was on a motorcycle (a Harley so it seemed) riding with a group of men. As they stood in a group making plans I was riding back and forth from the group to the end of the street. I would stay awhile and then become uncomfortable and ride away looking to see if the police were coming. I saw a police car at the end of the street and one of the men said “ be still” I was afraid.

As time went on the group became larger & more rowdy & aggressive, plans were made. To me they seemed to be evil or wrong. There was some question about my commitment to there plan. I acted as if I was but knew in my heart I was not and I was afraid. At some point the group became extremely rowdy with plans for violence. I was looking to escape. When I thought they were not looking and caught up in there revelry I rode away quietly

As I rode away I was in what seemed to be a factory. Equipment trucks & such were moving around quickly but somehow in sink together or at least with a rhythm or purpose. I rode into the factory with someone I did not know or recognize.

As the equipment (that looked like walls) moved back and forth I was pushed & moved along with them. It appeared as though I would be crushed or harmed. As it turned out I was gently moved along in a rhythm and a pace I did not create. I just had to go with it.

Next I ended up in a room that I thought might be a storage, or refrigerated room. Again there was someone there helping me although I did not recognize him. He offered me encouragement & cloths saying “you will need these”

Suddenly I found my self walking somewhere that was very busy & chaotic. Again someone who I could not recognize handed me a baby. I held the baby closely and continued walking. I ended up walking down a street that I sensed was dangerous, I was afraid. A man jumped out from the shadows and I sensed he wanted to do me harm. Instinctively I turned the baby’s face toward the man. As I did he turned his face quickly and moved away from me.

When I awoke I had a sense I knew what this all meant.

The motorcycle was a symbol of my rebellion and self will. I had been riding it freely and often, sometimes without ceasing. I looked for, and found those people who like myself, rode motorcycles (self will) and made plans.

There was always a sense that I did not belong. My parents dedicated my life to God as an infant, my upbringing taught me faith, and right from wrong. My path is not with the group( outside of Gods will). It has never fit and never will. Only anger, hurt and resentment have been my rewards for being, or trying to be, a part of the group ( outside Gods will).

The factory represents the last 15 years of my life. Running into walls yet there was a rhythm and a flow that was obvious yet not understandable. Just when I thought I would be crushed ( life’s overwhelming challenges or self inflicted disasters) I was gently moved along. I suspect the person I could not see or acknowledge at the time was the Holy Spirit.

The storage room was a place or preparation, a place without struggle & lots of open space. The coolness represents a lack of strife or stress. The man I did not recognize is God offering me what I need (the cloths representing His Holy Word).

The walk down the street represents my walk through life. The person who handed me the baby was My Heavenly Father “God” and The Holy Spirit. The baby represents innocents (the Holy Spirit). That evil ( being outside of Gods will) may approach me but as I surrender to and acknowedge The Holy Spirit in my life it will always be turned away. The fruits of the spirit in Gal 5:2 are those gifts and benefits of a Life in Christ.

Roman 15:13 May the God of Hope fill you with all joy, and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may “overflow” with Hope by “the Power of The Holy Spirit.

As my Dad George Herman Carter would close his bible study notes with Selah “pause and think of that” .

May Gods blessings be with you as you continualy persue Him


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  1. Novella Robinson says:



    • DLC says:

      Thank you Novella kind words of encouragment from you and your familey are a blessing and strengthen our resolve to serve Him.

  2. Rosemary Caldwell says:

    This is great! I’m very proud of you and Vilma

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