A Prayer for a Calm Spirit and Mind

I wanted much But wasn’t clear
On what or why I just knew
That finding it would satisfy my fear

The search began I am not sure when
It just seemed to be
from now till then that next thing
Someone someplace To satisfy or mend

Losing much or losing all
Quickened the pace struggle and calamity An endless chase

of something not known
Peace or satisfaction were somewhere unknown

King Solomon said;

Then I looked on all that my hands had done
and the labor I had spent doing it and behold
All was vanity and searching for wind
And feeding on it
And there was no profit under the sun
Ecclesiates 2:11

Heavenly father
Please calm my mind my spirit
And all that is in me
Remove those things That will never
Protect, satisfy or defend me

May your spirit fill my heart
May your spirit fill my mind
May your spirit make me whole

Mend yet break those bonds
That enslave
Replace them with Your ways that save

Open up my heart, my spirit, my mind
May my words be those
That encourage and are kind

Gods grace and love will never
Leave me without
Just continue to endeavor with praise and not doubt

Reach out for those who have lost their way
There are things to be done don’t wait to work, do, or say

Gods love will move you to accomplish his plan
you will know it was not you it was clearly Gods hand

Man woman boy girl it truly is all
That want him, and need Him
To be rescued from our fall

What I wanted
Seemed to be about me and knew no bound
Yet through Gods Love that’s not what I have found

It seems what I wanted could always be found
On bended knee with prayer with love that’s profound
living, working, sharing
It is where all that’s needed in life will amazingly abound.

Heavenly Father
May my heart be open my mind on you
To truly know that what I wanted
I found in You

May Gods Love and Blessing be with you as you persue Him


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