“Improving your serve”

serve 11

It starts with that first ‘intentional motion”, stepping forward, focused on the object elevated and raised above your head to strike with force. A forward motion gripping the tool designed for just that purpose, moving the object of your focus swiftly forward, headed for that exact place you aimed for. Resulting in the success you anticipated, the culmination of practiced and orchestrated movements. The reward of intention, focus, effort, and purpose.

I will tell you I am not a particularly good tennis player, yet my appreciation for those who do it well is significant. The practice, the repetition, the determination and commitment speak volumes. My mind latched on to the first and maybe the single most important element of that entire process “The Serve”

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“it makes everything you worry about so pathetic”.

can do all things thCAOLVY3E




I don’t often comment online (Facebook) yet at about the 7-minute-40-second mark is where like the young lady in the video, I realized that in the bigger picture what I often let trouble, discourage, or allow myself to be troubled by is so trivial and pathetic (you can hear her words as she realizes this for herself).

click hear to watch the video there are more than 6,000 comments  Post
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Presentation Prestonwood Foundation Dinner December 16th 2014


I love story’s, they paint a picture of an idea, an experience, or a lesson learned, piece by piece, step by step. With unexpected twists and turns, and a few unique characters along the way. The best ones always have an ending you just did not see coming. I would like to share with you a short story that unexpectedly unfolded in our lives over the last year and a half.

Twists and turns, things we did not see coming, yet in looking back were clearly orchestrated for a purpose and outcome for Gods glory and our good.
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“Completely Destroyed But Still Intact” An Unexpected Lesson At The AT&T Store

devine appointments thCAOEO4Q2

I was in a hurry one morning, no surprise there, and as I was getting into my car I saw a package in the back seat I had forgotten from the day before. I set my cell phone I had in my hand on top of the car and took the package inside. I got back in the car and backed out of the garage and went on my way. As I drove through the neighborhood and turned left onto the main street, I heard it.

It slide from the top onto the trunk with a loud bang. I watched in my rear view mirror as my cell phone landed on the pavement behind me, I slowed to a stop.
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Be Yourself


This a reprint from a great web site marcandangel.com.

WE were encouraged and hope you will be as well.

Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.”
― Heath L. Buckmaster

About a decade ago, when I told my grandmother that I was worried about making a significant life change and then regretting my choice, she said, “Do you know what my biggest regret is?  Not taking more chances and making necessary changes when I was your age.”  Her words have been stuck in the back of my mind ever since, and they have helped me make many positive choices in life.  This is especially true whenever I bump up against the reality that something in my life isn’t working, and that it’s perhaps time to make some changes.

If you are currently facing a similar reality, ask yourself this:  “What am I focusing on that isn’t working?”

A big part of your life is the result of what you choose to focus on.  If you don’t like something, it’s time to choose differently.  Don’t be afraid to let go of your old ways and start over today.  It’s a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.
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From Failure to Faith.


I have had some time to be still and reflect over the last 5 months. Although I don’t recommend it, losing a job can provide that time not usually set aside for such things. I continue to do the things we all do when we find ourselves without a pay check, the daily search of company employment websites related to our profession, following up with recruiters, networking with friends in the industry.  Yet where I find myself after doing all I know to do, seemingly losing at every turn in the road, “I have come to the end of myself and my abilities” (quote from Gail McWilliams author and speaker).

The events of the last few months have been striking. I have received phone calls or emails from companies, and recruiters expressing an interest and yet after several days or even weeks of anticipation and believing this is the right opportunity- nothing. An email or a phone call confirms someone else has been chosen. On 3 occasions I have had direct referrals to a hiring manager by family or friends and yet- nothing.  Several opportunities have had multiple openings and the outcome has been the same “the position has been filled”.  I have skills and experience yet I can honestly say as of today I just don’t know. I begin to question all I have worked to accomplish, to learn, to strive to be.

I have been reading Dr. Jack Grahams recent book “UN SEEN”. I highly recommend it, the front jacket cover ends with “There is a clear cut way to understand things that cannot be seen. Things that have a profound effect on you and me. There really is more to life than what you see. Jack Graham”.  Chapter two Page 48 talks about how we often step outside of Gods direction and plan and into Satan’s strategy by determining that we must do it and falling for that ever present nemesis “I WILL”.  I WILL go my own way, I WILL do my own thing, I WILL lead my own life, I WiLL… I WILL…I WILL…  Have I somehow allowed I WILL to bring me to the very place I had hoped to avoid? That place of confusion, frustration, mistrust, and anxiety.
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Breaking Through: Monster Trucks and Spiritual Dreams

breaking through thCA2XYDXZ

I commented in a previous post that dreams often seem to be meant to encourage, direct or break through. I have no scientific documentation, to base my assertion on but I do have friends and family that have had similar experiences. I remembered John Travolta played in a movie several years ago where a bright light in the night sky projected on to him, knocked him down in the street, and when he woke up he was significantly smarter and able to suggest solutions to significant problems. Just to be clear ( LOL) I have not been struck by a bright light in the night sky and my family and friends have not indicated they have seen any change in my intelligence. I do however hope that my experience just like the character in the move will help you to break through what’s been holding you back.

Recently I dreamed I was running away from something or someone and I was very agitated. I was in what seemed to be a monster truck. You know the ones that are so high you need a ladder to get in. Large tires, cramped seating space, flashy exterior, and above it all. Its all about power, brut force, and able to over power and muscle through anything. I was driving, up high, in what seemed to be a warehouse. I could see tools and materials on the ground below me. I was looking for a way out of the warehouse. I saw many open doors/exits but because I was up so high I could not get through the doors.

I saw two men outside of the truck door on the drivers side. One was large the other was small. The larger one reached inside the cab of the monster truck and grab the GPS off of the dash. I took the keys from the ignition and began hitting him on the head with them. As this was happening something with numerous legs or tentacles attached to my head. Something like a centipede but with a hard shell. The smaller man told me to dismantle the legs and pull them off one by one from the grip they had on my head. As I began doing so I noticed it did not hurt like I had expected. As I thought about this dream when I woke up I came to the conclusion this is how it applies to me.
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Peace of Mind Reminders to My Self

broken road thCA929L1H

John 14:27

The Men Jesus chose as his disciples were first and foremost human beings just like you and I. With all of the difficulty’s, confusion, frustration, and challenges that is all to often a part of life. Being weary, tired, frustrated, lost, and perhaps a little bit afraid comes with the physical body we refer to as “MY Self”. As a follower of and a believer, in Jesus Christ, we are asked and at times commanded to place our hope and trust in those things not yet seen or experienced. It seems that Habakkuk the prophet had his challenges as well (Habakkuk 1-3) and was focused on his circumstance. Yet as he brought those to the Lord and let go of his focus on self and circumstance and focused on God ( Habakkuk 3:19 “The Sovereign Lord is my strength”) his outlook changed and his circumstance followed.

I have included a short story below and attached a presentation given by Dr Tony Evans on Habakkuk “ Trusting God in the darkness”. I hope you will be encouraged, and strengthened into action to serve Him and others.

“God Will Provide”

There once was a man who had nothing for his family to eat. He had an old shotgun and three bullets. So he decided that he would go out and use what he had to provide dinner for his familey. As he went down the road, he saw a rabbit and he shot at the rabbit and missed it. Then he saw a squirrel and fired a shot at the squirrel and missed it too. As he went further, he saw a wild turkey in the tree and he had only one bullet, but a voice came to him and said “pray first, aim high, stay focused”.
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Where God Wants Me

broken road pic

I have asked this question so many, many times here recently. I am often in a hurry, at my pace, and in my time, right now. This morning as I was looking back through emails that were sent to me several months ago I saw this. The words “Where God Wants Me”caught my attention and I opened the email and watched the attached short video. Peoples lives miraculously protected, changed and forever impacted. Because Gods timing was not their own. The music, the pictures, the story, powerful.

Encouragement, I needed this, I hope you you will be encouraged and strengthened as well.



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A Life Lesson in Puppy Managment

WEDDING Picture 110

I would have never thought that being awakened at 2:30 in morning by two puppies needing to go out would change my view of how I live life. The normal, the mundane, the backdrop of our daily lives not to inspiring or uplifting, unless.

They are only 8 lbs Chloe and 12 pounds Jasmine respectively but run our lives as if they own Vilma and I. Now 3 years old they have found ever changing ways to get us to do what they want. If it’s not right or interesting were not doing it that seems to be their code. Raw hide must be the right size and texture or it’s not worth their time. And oh by the way, it has to be new. No old rawhide for these ladies. They know I don’t know how, isn’t rawhide all the same, apparently not. We have several packages in our pantry of different brands shapes and flavors. Unless it right they won’t have anything to do with it. But when it’s right they will spend hours chewing until their exhausted.

Back to the 2:30 wake up call. Jasmine usually stands at the end of the bed and makes a sound like someone clearing there throat. Its a bark but muffled, you know like hello excuse me are you awake. Thankfully they apparently learned this on there own after being shuffled off to the back yard each night any time they moved. There’s nothing in writing but Vilma and I know when its our turn to let the puppy’s out if we get the late night call. They have taken over our king size bed, and sleep any where they want. Different positions under the cover, on top of the cover on the pillow or not. I have even seen them upside down paws in the air sound asleep. It changes from night to night. Do dogs have preferences, I think they do. They even snore the little one sounds like my dad, go figure.
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